HitchingRailCreations has been created for the purpose of an online store.  MARIS CO LLC, is the parent company and has been in existence for 18 years.  It has been involved in several small business ventures and is now becoming an online entity to further our expansion and increase sales.  

We started as a manufacturing company (and remain as such) in doing small projects for friends and family.  Since then, we have become interested in the possibilities that online sales will have for us.  We are still a small company, but we feel that the quality and variety of products we are making and selling will help us grow.

We hope you will be very satisfied in the products that you purchase from us and we wish to "thank you" for putting your trust in us.

If you have questions about any of our products, please feel free to contact us at hitchingrailcreatons@gmail.com.  

Thank You